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Bluesalicious /// Sky Canyon

There’s something so effortlessly comfortable about a classic jazz track. The build of a piece rooted in such rich backstory has us feeling like we’re listening to a piece of history. Jazz music has been renowned for creating beautiful atmospheres full of people wanting to just have fun and bust a move from time to time. Sky Canyon is able to create an exceptional jazz track just like this through his latest release “Bluesalicious.”

With an esteemed career in the music industry for 50 years, Sky Canyon prides himself as being a composer, producer and artist immersed in the world of jazz, classical, Latin and new age music. Studying with Terry Gibbs when he was younger, he finds inspiration from Gibbs in his modern work now. Sky has also been found producing best-selling new age albums with Watercourse Media, but we see him back in his strength with a great jazz piece in “Bluesalicious.”

Creating a comforting feeling, Sky’s track “Bluesalicious” incorporates all the elements of a great jazz track that we’re in love with; an array of instruments, shifting tempos and beats that make us want to groove. The track itself sounds as though it should be played at a chic waterfront restaurant on a Friday night for guests to enjoy.

Giving off super classical jazz vibes, we’re in love with the journey that the overall piece takes us on. Utilizing an array of differing instruments from the vibraphone to the keys, we’re mesmerized from beginning to end. Shifting between each instrument throughout we’re met with up-tempo builds but also downtempo breaks to allow for differing instrumentals to shine throughout.

Sounding as if it was crafted from a master musician, “Bluesalicious” platforms the talents of Sky Canyon, and shows everyone exactly why he has been such a success in the world of jazz.

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