Contemplating /// Doug Beverly

If you’re getting ready for a night out and looking to find a way to spruce up your pregame playlist, Doug Beverly’s latest trap single, “Contemplating,” is the perfect addition. The hip-hop single was written and created by Doug Beverly in his studio “Reigning Studios,” produced by Dor, mixed by Dennito, and mastered by James Maoris. Showcasing his artistry, Doug’s ten years of songwriting and creating music has led to the near-flawless production of “Contemplating.” Consisting of Doug’s hazy vocals, an addicting melody, and head-banging bass, “Contemplating” is the ultimate kickback and “sesh” song. 

Toronto-based alternative hip-hop artist Doug Beverly is not only on the rise as an artist and musician, but he has shown that his talent goes in more than one direction. Just this past Saturday, May 7th, Doug marked his fashion runway debut at Toronto’s Fashion Week with the help of designer Adrian Ally. May is a significant month for the multi-faceted artist, and the release of “Contemplating” is guaranteed to give Doug Beverly even more substantial success.

“Contemplating” is about the curiosity and temptation of a love triangle. This toxicity and nosiness that happens due to this are subtly shown in the overall dark vibe of the track. The dark-toned instrumental, almost mumbling of Doug Beverly’s vocals, and the song’s gloomy yet still exciting vibe perfectly encapsulates what being in a love triangle must feel like; the curiosity of wanting to continue but knowing it’s bad for you. Quoted from Doug Beverly himself, “I knew this was going to resonate with people, especially the toxic ones!”

“Contemplating” is now available on all music-listening platforms. 

Photo credits: Michelle Castillo

Written by Melissa Cusano







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