There have been many lyrical metaphors tossed around about the lengths someone will go for love. Meat Loaf would do anything for it, but he wouldn’t do whatever “that” was. Sometimes it’s intrinsically grave to be in love, see Pat Benatar’s not so romantic vision of a “battlefield.” On their latest single, “For You,” Swedish indie pop project feeble details the travels and tribulations of someone fighting to stay in love.

feeble, otherwise known as singer-songwriter Stefan Ekenberg, gives this lovelorn journey a dreamy folk spin. By giving this song a deep, majestically melodic turn, he adds a lighthearted flair to what is an arduous mental exercise. If it wasn’t for the kaleidoscoping nature of this sound, you would be fixated upon the relationship trek and the pitfalls that come with it. Instead, you are swept up in the updraft of an inspiring melody.

Ekenberg takes us across the globe to show us where he’s willing to go for love. But, first, he had to brave “fighting through minefields” with his significant other after being “awake for days.” There’s no settling, no complacency in Ekenberg’s pursuit. He’ll “swim across oceans” for it and promises to “cross that bridge” if it means that it will secure their love. This heartfelt refrain reaches its wrenching peak upon this track’s close with Ekenberg wringing out one last “for you.” It’s all for them, above all else, no matter how hard the journey to get there.

Despite his chosen moniker, Ekenberg serves up a strong, resilient tune with “For You.” There’s no denying that the pursuit of love can sometimes feel futile. Instead, this track is a reminder that adversity is not the end all for happiness.

Written by Travis Boyer




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