Wicked Woman /// Tori Boltwood

Living in a world consumed by strict societal roles and expectations, some art often threatened when people decide to break the mold. Instead of abiding by the unsaid rules that are imposed upon us, we choose to live our live exactly how we want to. We cannot be held back, and this scares others immensely. Tori Boltwood challenges these norms in her hit track, “Wicked Woman.”

Inspired by iconic artists such as Elvis Presley, Cher and Adele, its no shocker that Tori Boltwood has such a great artistical presence. Tori Boltwood showcases a tenacity, a drive that is extremely uplifting, something that immediately drew us to her music. What listeners might not know about Tori Boltwood is that she was born with heart disease. Battling the disease throughout the course of her life, she always goes after everything she sets her mind to, especially her dream of pursuing music.

“As someone who feels like she was given a second chance at life, I don’t settle for giving up on my music dreams.” – Tori Boltwood

Her passion for her craft is evident throughout her piece, “Wicked Woman.” The song speaks to societal pressures that woman typically face. Tori Boltwood assures her audience that she is a wicked woman, not following these assumptions forced upon women. “Wicked like I was born to be, yeah I do it supernaturally,” she sings out.

Tori Boltwood pronounces that she doesn’t need love; something that virtually everyone tends to search for in life. Instead, she is driven by her craft, her passions, and affirms she won’t be settling for a lackluster relationship anytime soon.

“Wicked Woman” showcases a very spooky/funky/rock n roll vibe throughout. Speaking to rebelling against the standard, the production throughout the piece mirrors this theme throughout. We love the passion and persistence that Tori Boltwood showcases through her music, and in her character.

Written by McKinley Franklin





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