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MONSTER /// Cindy-Louise

It’s easy to get wrapped up in self-deprecating thoughts at times. Negativity can take over our lives, forcing out positive thoughts and feelings. Everyone goes through rough, negative times that push us to bad places. Cindy-Louise navigates this deep and dark theme through her hit track, “MONSTER.”

Originally born in South Africa, Cindy-Louise began her plunge into the music industry in 2019. Though she may have begun her career in music a mere three years ago, Cindy-Louise has accomplished impeccable streaming numbers already. Racking up 30 thousand streams on Spotify with her other hit track “Just Relax,” her other track “Make it Out Here Alive,” too, accumulates a mass 108 thousand views.

Working as an independent artist, we were attracted to Cindy-Louise’s unique sound in her track “MONSTER.” Serving us all the alternative/dark pop vibes, she platforms a fresh take that combats conventional pop tracks.

Evaluating such a shadowy subject matter, “MONSTER” drives us to assess negativities that we find constricting our lives. Though the topic of the track takes a more serious, deep-rooted approach, Cindy-Louise offsets this with her impeccable vocals. Sounding angelic throughout the piece, Cindy-Louise allows us to reflect on the sufferings we endure and assess how we will choose to move forward.

She sings out, “you’re the monster, in my bed, the monster, in my head,” referencing destructive mind games that we often play on ourselves.

Through “MONSTER,” Cindy-Louise creates a deep track that, ultimately, encourages us to overcome the trials and tribulations that we endure. Mental health is a tough topic to talk about, especially in musical endeavors. Cindy-Louise navigates this impeccably, leaving us excited for what is next to come in her artistic journey.

Written by McKinley Franklin








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