You Were The One /// Cooper Castelle

It can be excruciating to lose someone that we thought would be in our lives for the rest of eternity. We remember exactly where we met them, and how we felt when they entered our life. At times, this special someone made us feel complete, they introduced us to what we thought was our “purpose” in this life. Cooper Castelle examines a past relationship with a lover, and how he doesn’t know which way to turn now that they’re gone, in his smash hit, “You Were The One.”

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Cooper mirrors timeless artists such as The Beatles with beloved rock-n-roll flashes similar to the Arctic Monkeys. With incredible talents, not only do we see Cooper showcasing his fantastic vocals, but he also plays the guitar, drums and keyboards on an array of his work. His debut EP is set to release this summer on August 5, and we’re stunned by the single, “You Were The One.”

In the track, Cooper speaks about heartbreak and the feeling of crisis that we frequently experience when going through a breakup. Confused and not sure what lies ahead, Cooper reminisces on the early beginnings of his love story with a special someone. He remembers the first time he laid eyes on his ex-lover, how full of life and in love he felt.

Cooper sings out, “And when you kissed my lips, you took my breathe away, it was insane…”

Cooper expresses how he doesn’t know how to continue one without this person in his life. Unsure of where his source of joy and happiness will now come from, we see all of his emotions conveyed through the instrumentals throughout “You Were The One.”

Showcasing a classic rock-n-roll vibe, the piece, too, combines indie elements to create a charming listening experience. Cooper exudes his frustrations and uncertainties through his use of instruments, reminding us that there’s always an outlet we can use to process our emotions. The way in which “You Were The One” clearly communicates the artists thoughts throughout the piece is stunning, and is something that we truly resonated with.

Written by McKinley Franklin









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