Two Ships /// Ainsley Costello

Nashville-based singer, Ainsley Costello, released her latest track, “Two Ships,” on 10 June 2022. This track followed her earlier track, “Little Sister,” which was released back in March of this year.

“Two Ships” starts off rather slow, Ainsley providing a full and rich vocal tone that starts right at the twelve-second mark which can be so soothing and relaxing, the guitar being able to reel the listener in at first before other instruments come into play as it is able to pave a pathway for making the track feel like it is coming out of a ‘90s movie. As soon the track has been able to progress further, listeners are able to hear a tune that makes them feel as if a ‘90s soundtrack for a movie is in the works.

Speaking of “Two Ships,” it has been shared that this track is about how it feels to have lost someone, whether it has the ability to be just for any reason whatsoever or romantically, making that person feel as empty as they were.

Ainsley Costello is definitely an artist that deserves attention in terms of being able to find an artist that is able to showcase her ability to make things relatable just by singing words that were written on paper. Not only is she singing words, but the lyrics she provides also seem like they are destined to come out of a novel that speaks from the heart. “Two Ships” seems as if a promise had been made to be kept of trying to find that missing piece to fill in such an empty void.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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