Summertime Compass (Acoustic Version) /// Alexander Joseph

English-born Musician, Alexander Joseph, released his latest track, an acoustic version of it, titled “Summertime Compass” on 3 June 2022. This track has been able to follow the alternate version of his previous single called “Firefly.”

The acoustic version of “Summertime Compass” starts off rather smooth and balanced, Alexander providing a clear and warm vocal tone that is rather impressive as the instrumentation continues to provide such a tune that may cause listeners to feel just as if they are having a wonderful start to those summer days. As the track commences, listeners are able to hear a tune that is not only creative, it’s also solid and atmospheric.  

Speaking of “Summertime Compass,” Alexander states that this was one of the first songs that he has ever written during his university days a little over a decade ago and that the acoustic version has been able to provide a relaxed and playful vibe that had been originally captured by a band that he was a part of at the time. He also states that this track has been able to deliver an optimistic message about any possibilities that lie ahead and was able to arrive just in time for a summer BBQ or a trip to the beach. 

Alexander Joseph is definitely an artist that you should listen to in terms of searching for an artist that is able to provide a summertime rush and the story behind what summer is and should be all about. The acoustic version of “Summertime Compass” seems as if a promise has been fully made in trying to find that perfect summertime vibe.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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