Telephone /// Daisy Gill

Photo Courtesy of Paul Wills

Liverpool-based singer-songwriter, Daisy Gill, released her latest track called “Telephone” on 17 June 2022. This track would proceed to follow her 2021 single titled “Nothing out of Me.”

“Telephone” starts off with a phone ringing, going straight to voicemail as Daisy left a message after the tone. Soon after, a tune that was rather rhythmic and rich started right up as Daisy provided a strong and confident vocal tone with a beat that would make the listener want to get up and dance without a care in the world as the track continues to progress throughout. As soon as the track is able to commence, listeners are able to feel as if they are on an actual phone call, though they are able to hear feelings being shared as the track continues to move forward. 

Speaking of “Telephone,” Daisy shared that the track itself is about a cheating boyfriend that would rather go out with his friends than be faithful to his girlfriend. Daisy also states that although it’s tongue and cheek, especially when it comes to the music video for this track, it tends to happen in real life as well.

Daisy Gill is definitely an artist that you should turn your attention to in terms of searching for an artist that is able to provide relatable feelings and relatable facts as each track tends to tell a story to its appropriate audience out in the real world. “Telephone” seems as if a promise had been made and sealed in trying to face an obstacle that is full of hurt and sadness.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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