English-born singer/songwriter, Jeyaia, released her latest track, “No Love,” on 3 June 2022. This track was able to come after the remix of the single that she released back in 2021 titled “Rising.”

“No Love” starts off rather smooth with an R&B feel, Jeyaia providing a clear vocal tone that is soulful and impressive that starts right at the nine-second mark as the instrumentation provided behind the vocal track is able to make the listener feel that they’re back in the ‘90s, where R&B’s influence was fresh and present as the track continues to progress. As soon as the track starts, listeners are able to hear a tune that is not only original, it’s also balanced and rhythmic.

Speaking of “No Love,” it has been said by Jeyaia that this track is about “two people coming together to trigger each other’s wounds” as it gives them the opportunity to heal and grow. Jeyaia also states that she wants “No Love” to “find those who are going through similar challenges, as the track aims to speak the truth that so many of us don’t feel brave enough to speak.”

Jeyaia is definitely an artist that you would like to turn your attention to in terms of searching for an artist that is able to provide nostalgia for ‘90s R&B and the influence that it brought as well as finding an audience that could relate to the words being sung. “No Love” seems as if a promise was brought forth in trying to find those who are facing a difficult obstacle in their lives.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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