Better Luck Next Time /// Maya Yenn

Photo Courtesy of James Langley

English-based independent producer, singer, and songwriter, Maya Yenn, released her latest track called “Better Luck Next Time” on 17 June 2022. This song would follow a single that she released in 2021 titled “How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?” 

Starting off melodic, “Better Luck Next Time” is able to give off such a dance-like vibe that is rhythmic and exciting as the vocals sound stylish and impressive as the track continues to progress. As soon as the track starts, listeners are able to hear a tune that makes them want to get up and dance without a care in the world as if no one is watching with its catchy instrumentation.

Speaking of “Better Luck Next Time,” it has been said that this track is written from the perspective of a young man “who has prioritised his career above everything else, so much so, he’s still trying to get a report out while his plane is going down.”

Maya Yenn is an artist that you should listen to if you’re looking for an artist that is able to bring their originality and creativity forward with many rhythmic vibes that bring exciting tunes to audiences that are destined to hear what the music world has in store for them as the music is able to be heard on full volume with no problem and without any hesitation whatsoever. “Better Luck Next Time” seems like a promise has been made when it comes to providing such a tune that is, in many ways, melodious for all to hear.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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