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Guilty Pleasure /// Super Fëmmes

We’ve all been through that one relationship that feels more like a “situationship.” You know, the relationships that are exceedingly confusing and toxic. We know that we shouldn’t stay with this person, but we just can’t seem to get away from them! These back-and-forth feelings can be exhausting, but what better way to deal with them than through music. The Super Fëmmes accomplish this seamlessly through their smash track, “Guilty Pleasure.”

The Swedish girl group Super Fëmmes specializes in creating powerful pop pieces that speak to wide scale audiences. Consisting of Emilia, Miio, DeDe Lopez and Therese “Drömhus” Grankvist, we’re in love with the bands overall aesthetic. Adding a fresh flare to contemporary pop, Super Fëmmes is an inspirational girl group that loves to create music as a unit. This summer, they’ll be touring at the Swedish festival Vi som älskar 90-talet (Gothenburg, Stockholm and Helsingborg) to show off their incredible talents.

Their latest single “Guilty Pleasure” speaks to a topic that we can all relate to – rough relationships. We always feel like no matter what, we just can’t get enough of this person, we’re instantly drawn to them. We know this isn’t true love, but that just doesn’t halt us from reconnecting with this interest.

The track showcases a brilliant upbeat pop flare. The overall vibe of the track will instantly lift you up, offering for an inspiring feel. To add an extra layer of musical excellence, the track, too, showcases a rap breakdown. The rap creates a nice break from the conventional pop flame.

With such a catchy flow throughout, “Guilty Pleasure” is a magnetizing piece of work, just like that certain someone we all can’t seem to let go off. The girl group sings out, “You’re my guilty pleasure,” and this track definitely is one of ours!

Written by McKinley Franklin





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