It can be easy to turn away from things in life that could cause potential heartbreak in our lives. We get scared of what could happen, and decide to run away instead of taking a leap of faith. This can be a debilitating feeling, holding ourselves back from situations that could allow us to grow to exponential lengths. Elamar explores this feeling in terms of relationships through his track, “Running.”

The piece builds a sentimental aura as Elamar calls out to a lover. He urges this person to stop running from what their relationship could be. The potential is endless, and it can be extremely silly to run away from a good thing. Elamar feels so deeply for this individual, and can’t bear to be away from them any longer. Living in fear can seem comfortable at first, but ultimately limits us from experiencing our full potential.

Elamar calls out to this lover throughout the duration of “Running.” Professing his love and admiration for this certain someone, he urges this person to “tell me you love me.” He continues on throughout the piece dreaming of what it could be like to be together once and for all. He sings out, “dreaming of moments like this, waiting on you to come home.”

“Running” is such a touching piece, it’s truly captivating. Combined with Elamar’s incredible vocals and the beautiful instrumentals throughout, it’s easy to fall in love wit this track. The raw emotion and vulnerability that Elamar showcases throughout the piece is admiring. Hearing someone pour out their soul, to express their true feelings once and for all makes for a beautiful listening experience.

Written by McKinley Franklin





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