Flirt With Disaster /// Sydney Gordon

New York-based singer, Sydney Gordon, released her latest track titled “Flirt With Disaster” on the first day of July 2022. This track was able to follow a single that she had released previously about two months ago on the sixth day of May 2022 called “Too Close.”

“Flirt With Disaster” starts off rather synth-like and well-balanced as the vocals are powerful and rich while the track continues to progress. As soon as the track starts, listeners are able to get a glimpse into a track that is able to set the tone, feeling as if a story is destined to be told.

Speaking of “Flirt With Disaster,” Sydney explains that, even though many may think that she might be talking about another girl in this track, she was talking to herself, reminding “‘her’ not to fall back into a bad situation that ‘she’ was once in.” She also shares that, although you have feelings for someone sometimes, “they aren’t good for you.”

If you’re looking for an artist that is destined to continue to follow their dreams and is able to provide such deep and meaningful lyrics, Sydney Gordon is definitely the one that you should listen to and turn your attention to in terms of finding new artists to listen to. “Flirt With Disaster” seems as if a promise is being fulfilled when it comes to lyrics that are able to tell its tale. More than anything, there’s no doubt that Sydney is able to continue to make a wonderful impact in the world of music! 

Written by Sherryl Citera





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