Don’t Mess With Exes /// Wild Fire

Wild Fire, a Houston-based sister duo, had the opportunity to release their latest single titled “Don’t Mess With Exes.” This release followed the footsteps of “When It Wasn’t,” a track that was previously released in May of this year.

“Don’t Mess With Exes” was able to give off such a powerful introduction with such a catchy tune. With strong and expressive vocals from both Kelli and Kayla, the instruments that have been used in the track were able to pave the way for what this single had in store. As the track continues to progress, the audience was able to have the opportunity to hear how raw and edgy the song is. 

Speaking of “Don’t Mess With Exes,” it has been shared that the track was able to convey “the idea in a bold way that exes should remain exes.” 

If you’re looking for a band that is able to, in many ways, share their stories through its meaningful and deep lyrics, as well as having those stories inspire audiences everywhere, then Wild Fire is definitely your go-to sister duo. “Don’t Mess With Exes” seems like a real promise as both sisters are able to provide relatable lyrics about exes and how they should be able to remain exes and not something more than that as intended audiences are able to find the courage to move forward while trying to find their happiness without having a care in the world as they continue to strive for a happier life altogether.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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