Red Bird, a Portland-based four-piece band, had the opportunity to release their latest track called “Real.” This smooth and jazz-like release has followed the footsteps of “Not Tonight,” a single that was shared with their intended audience and fans last month on the eighth. 

“Real” gave such a compelling introduction with such an ethereal tune. With rich and warm vocals from singer and songwriter, Bre Gregg, the sound of the drums coming from Edwin Coleman III and the sound of the bass coming from Jeff Langston, as well as the sound of the guitar coming from Dan Gildea, were able to pave the way to give some sort of glimpse of what jazz is all about. As the track continues to progress, the audience has a feel of how jazz is represented to the world and how it continues to be one of the most well-known music genres out there. 

Speaking of “Real,” it was shared that this track alone is a “reminder to always be true to yourself and pursue those real connections and feelings.”

If you’re a fan of talented artists like Amy Winehouse, Red Bird is definitely a go-to band to listen to. “Real” seems like a real promise as Red Bird is able to provide lyrics that are not only clever and deep, but it is able to provide something relatable. As insecurities and whatever makes humans feel uncertain about themselves, this track is able to tell all audiences listening that it is okay to be true to yourself and that nothing should stand in the way of that.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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