I Know I Don’t Know /// Mr.Wizard

Alternative artist Mr.Wizard from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania released their very first EP back in July 2022, and already has over 5,000 monthly listeners. With influences being Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182, and Modest Mouse, this five song EP titled I Know I Don’t Know is a collection of songs reminiscent of the early 2000’s alternative music scene. The artist states his music is for those with a desire for nostalgia, but with a fresh take because we can’t all live in the past.

Mr. Wizard, or Garret Gates, composed and performed every part on this EP (with the exception of drums on “Wait and See”), and recorded the tracks entirely on his own in his home studio. Interestingly enough, every song was first written on bass because Gates is first and foremost a bass player. Although a few bass lines do stick out when listening, and the overall rhythms of the EP are the project’s strongest aspects, it is not glaringly obvious Gates is a bass player attempting to make a small album on his own. This release is very well written and produced, especially for an (almost) one man project.   

During the first song, this EP automatically reveals the tone of the release being well compared to the sound of early 2000’s alternative Mr.Wizard was influenced by with a fusion of 90’s grunge. The tracks “Wait And See” and “Make It Alone” are the clear fan favorites out of this collection of songs, being maybe the most technically impressive, heaviest, and easiest songs to jam out to.  

It’s clear that all of these songs were inspired by music that came before, and I Know I Don’t Know is a great start for Mr. Wizard’s musical career. These five songs seem like they would translate into a phenomenal live performance, and hopefully Mr.Wizard plans to play them for an audience someday.  

Written by Autumn Martin

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