Paradise /// Podge Lane

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Dermody

Podge Lane, a Cork-based alt-country singer-songwriter, was able to release his latest track titled “Paradise.” This classic tune was able to follow the footsteps of “Hey Bartender,” a track that he was able to release in November of last year.

“Paradise” was able to give off a melodic introduction with such a melodious tune. With clear and impressive vocals coming from Podge, instruments like the piano were used to pave the way for what alt-country is all about and how it can bring such light to the music world. This track has a feel of living the happier moments in life while trying not to worry about the negative things that are going on in the world. As the track progresses, the audience is able to dive into a world that could be seen just by listening to lyrics that are original and clever in their own way.

Speaking of “Paradise,” Podge has been able to share his reflection on the track, saying that he’s “at the happiest point of my life,” even though there’s a case of “‘here’s everything that sucks, or can go wrong’.”

If you’re wanting to listen to a track that is able to get you through the hard times in life despite any imperfections that are in the world currently, Podge Lane is definitely a go-to artist to listen to. “Paradise” seems like a real promise as Podge is able to provide relatable lyrics that can make his intended audience relate to going through struggles while also trying their best to find happiness.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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