Golden Sun /// Chloey Rose

Photo Courtesy of Everyman Studios

Chloey Rose, a Lincolnshire-based artist – as well as a singer-songwriter, actress, and model – has released her latest track titled “Golden Sun.” This uplifting tune has been able to follow the footsteps of “Hopes and Dreams,” a track that she was able to release earlier this year.

Described as a “spellbinding acoustic-pop summer ballad,” “Golden Sun” has been able to have a well-shaped introduction with beautiful melodies. With warm and strong vocals coming from Chloey, a guitar and other instruments, if used, have paved the way for what is bound to come. This tune has a feel of narrating the story of the summer months from start to finish, having the audience dive into a narrative that can be heard just by focusing on the track’s meaningful lyrics.

Speaking of “Golden Sun,” Chloey has been able to share that the track “fills the listener with images of escapism and love lost and found.”

If you or someone you know is a Taylor Swift fan, then Chloey Rose is definitely an artist that you should listen to if you’re wanting to hear a ballad or track that is able to provide a well-shared narrative that seems to be coming to a movie theater near you if a movie was based off or inspired by the track itself. “Golden Sun” seems like a real promise as Chloey is able to provide more tunes that could be inspiring to her intended audience, whether it be around the world or even throughout the entire galaxy.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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