Hollow /// Kit Citrine

“Hollow” is the new single by pop artist Kit Citrine. There is a keyboard and a drum, among other instruments, accompanying her vocals, which sets the mood for her vocals to shine and take center stage. 

“Hollow” is about feeling empty inside after losing someone close to you. She wrote the song after the funeral of her father, to help cope with the loss. “Hollow! Carved out like a hollow tree, grief tore its way outside of me,” she sings. The emotion can be felt as she sings these lines about loss and grief. 

In the second verse, she states that part of her died with you (her father), and that nothing works to fix those parts of her. She feels hopeless on this song, which is what makes the title “hollow” so significant. It describes her feelings perfectly, since she describes a combination of emptiness and missing something there that used to be full of spirit, but now feels hollow. 

The song is 2:32 minutes long, and has one bridge section in between the chorus. She lists a few activities that have been affected by grief on the bridge, as well as addressing how others will expect her grief to only last a short amount of time, when in reality her whole world has been significantly affected by this loss. 

“TV to dissociate and then here comes your favorite show, driving ’round in silence ’cause I cannot trust the radio. Desperate to declutter but I find something and think of you, a thousand cuts will gut me through. They’re watching their watches for the time I should be over it. Yeah, positive thinking and a smiley face should do the trick. At least I can take their platitudes and attitudes in stride, ’cause I’ve got nothing left inside,” she sings. 

Small gestures like a smiley face can’t fix the deep underlying problem that grief and loss face us with, and that is the story Kit Citrine so vulnerably shares on this song. It’s okay to take the time that’s needed, because we don’t all care about things or think about things the same way. 

FOLLLOW Kit Citrine:




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