Watching the World Stop /// Desert Ships

“Watching the World Stop” is the new single by United Kingdom rock band Desert Ships. The song features catchy guitar and vocal parts, with a drum part that fits the track well. Mikey Buckley produced the track, as well as performed the vocal, keyboard and guitar parts. Daniel McLean can be heard playing the bass part, and Claude Trejonis covers the drum part plus additional vocals. 

The lyrics of this track talk about confusion and perceptions of the things and people around us. “I found an escape, through a hole in my head. It leads to the rooftops, where I’m watching the world stop,” Buckley sings. The lead guitar part has a laid back vibe, while the rhythm guitar pushes the song forward and gives the track momentum. 

The music video for “Watching the World Stop” is the third installment of videos directed by Gil De Ray, which includes returning characters from the previous videos. 

The character in the song is frustrated by everything around them, then they tell us what they are looking for. “I need a ledge where I can watch all the noise, some place high where the airwaves are clear,” he sings. They go from wanting to watch the noise, to telling us, “Up here there is no signal, I don’t even care,” he sings. 

The character by the end of the song is almost content with the state of things, repeating, “I’m watching the world stop.” The song is about viewpoints and perceptions, which is an interesting topic for a song in 2022. As society moves into the future, it is hard to predict the changes that will happen, so being at peace with those changes can help a person grow and thrive in this modern world.

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