Onbar is an artist from San Jose who has released a fun song that is simply inspired by wanting to create good vibes. In collaboration with Patrick Hizon and Orion-Song, Onbar achieves his intention with a feel-good alternative pop track.

The song begins with a filtered drum as a vocal chop and moody synth chords play along. The introduction then enters a verse where the frequencies are brought back front and center as a grooving bass plays along with full beat. Onbar’s voice takes center stage as the vibe of the song enters good vibes. 

The production is clean as everything is crisp and no sounds and instruments masking each other on the frequency spectrum. “GOOD” also introduces a section with a nice acoustic guitar to add to the light timbre of the overall mix. This has a nice contrast with the phased and effected guitar that sits at other points of the song. The low and mid levels are tight as the drums and bass fill the space really well. There are also subtle treats of wah guitar and e-piano’s scattered in the mix along with the panned vocal chopped sample.

The songwriting has strong pop sensibilities as the structure and formula caters to radio friendly sounds and Onbar’s vocal delivery fits modern soul-pop trends. The dynamics are also varied enough with sections that are full on with the beat and others that give the tune breathing room.

Overall, the song is straightforward and achieves its goal in making you feel good. The song fades out in a cool manner, embodying the very same cool that the track is built on.

For fans of easy going tracks that set the vibe for smiles and feeling good, Onbar’s got you covered with this one.

Written by Jon Kagan






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