Memories /// Audreal Gillett

Audreal Gillett is a singer-songwriter based out in Portland.  Her new single “Memories” is about wishing you met a person at a different time in your life when you were more healed while also acknowledging the beauty that existed in the relationship you shared.

“Memories” begins with a rhythmic synth pluck that is gentle and spacious. Gillett’s voice sings along before the introduction transitions to a verse with a four-on-the-floor beat. Gillett writes a nice call and response with ad-libs as she reflects on wishing it was a better version of herself that existed during the relationship. A pre-chorus built on reverberated vocals and percussion builds until finally shifting into a full beat as a pulsating 80s synth plays along with a bumping low end. There are very cool delay effects happening and dynamically the song takes another electronic turn, as a beautiful vocal melody plays along a retro synth sound bed. The timbre of the song definitely takes both electronic and singer-songwriter influences and blends them in an interesting way. You can feel the EDM touches on the production and songwriting, but there’s also plenty of indie influences.

What is most interesting is how far the tune stays from formulaic expectations. At a lean 2:20, the song ends before you’d even expect. This all works well within the context of the song as the memorie and scar stays forever, but the song inevitably ends as abruptly as a relationship can. 

For fans of inventive singer-songwriters with interesting fused genre blends, Audreal Gillett has you covered with a heartfelt, fun tune.

Written by Jon Kagan






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