Ever since the influence of mind altering drugs became interwoven into the creative fabric of certain artists, writers and musicians, getting high has become synonymous with reaching an elevated plain of thinking. Naturally, you can take the word ‘high’ to mean that it’s a product of a substance that gets you to that place. And you would be half right. However, getting high can be putting your mind to something and unleashing its natural powers. Singer-songwriter Mathieu Cote, otherwise known as PRTLND, has released “High,” a 90s alt rock inspired single that explores broadening mental horizons, however they are born within you.

On “High,” Cote brings with him the classic 90s alt rock guitar sound that is slow and easy, but still has a slight sharpness to it. Being a veteran of the late 90s rock scene, Cote blends a softer, uplifting dreamy sound with enough of a rock edge to provide a lifeline to reality. Altogether, it has an aspirational air to it that encourages the notion that the possibilities are endless. However, we will find that this journey is not one to be taken alone.

While Cote explains that the origin of “High” comes from a holotropic session he once had in Dublin, this song is not solely for tripping out on your recreational drug of choice. “There was a time we got so high, we left our mind,” Cote opens. As a result, it left them with the feeling that they could “go almost anywhere.” Now, set aside the obvious, and it can also be about freeing your mind via meditation and being able to do anything when you put your mind to it. However, there’s a warning: “you could go there on your own…you shouldn’t go there on your own.” It’s a reminder to stay grounded whether you’re under the influence or not.

On “High,” Cote walks between two worlds. On one side, there’s the mind altering experience that can only come from chemicals. On the other side, there’s the focusing power of the human mind to see possibilities where there were none before. Whichever route you choose, it ends in the same destination of expansive thinking. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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