Walls /// Sasha Atlas

Sasha Atlas is a New York artist making genre blending music that ranges from different perspectives as she has also lived a life most artists haven’t as a financier. “Walls” is a sonic fusion of alt-rock, EDM, and alt-pop that tells the story of powerlessness told within the context of the recent years of global unrest experienced from the walls we’ve been confined to during time locked inside.  

The tune begins with a crawling synth pad that drops into a rock/hip-hop type beat that Atlas immediately joins, painting pictures of protests and injustice. Guitars accompany the atmosphere, as the production takes a 90s singer-songwriter/rock coloring to the mix.

The hook immediately picks up the energy with hints of metal and grunge and Atlas’ vocals match the rhythmic surge and dynamics. The chorus makes a call to tear down the walls that are separating us but it’s also ambiguous enough to take literal meanings as well. The second verse continues to the concept lyrically, but this time with a grooving percussion rhythm to join the beat. Overall, the songwriting and production does a great job with the dynamics in the composition, allowing for moments of calm that pack the big moments a lot better through their juxtapositions and transitions. There’s also great pop sensibilities in how the hook is structured both instrumentally and lyrically. Sasha Atlas is keen on the pop formulas, but there’s still a nice throwback vibe to the track that doesn’t make it feel like another song copying the modern trend.

“Walls” is a powerful song that will pack a satisfying punch for fans of alternative rock that is anthemic and conceptual. Sasha Atlas has a strong voice and we look forward to hearing what’s next from her in the future.

Written by Jon Kagan






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