Yet /// Karly Driftwood

A few years ago, the former mortician and stripper Karly Driftwood added “musician” to her already interesting résumé. The Nashville singer released her newest single “Yet” on June 10th, making it the first release from Karly since her debut album Too Mean to Die in 2019. With this new catchy tune, Karly Driftwood proves to be an up and coming country-pop icon and has a potential radio hit on her hands.

With similar sounds to greats of modern country-pop like Kasey Musgraves and the early work of Taylor Swift, Karly Driftwood’s music is rooted in a country style, yet filled with pop elements. Karly definitely has a voice fitting for the combination of both genres, using a slight twang of country to sing over the sound of a more mainstream production.

The singer-songwriter is known for her country-pop music written with an aggressive edge. Shown by the force and diction of her voice used in this single, Karly Driftwood is clearly a tough woman who has her own way of saying things. She says she doesn’t allow “challenges to get [her] down”, and hopes “Yet” can be used as a reminder for others to do the same by singing blunt lyrics like, “Get the fuck out of bed/ Quit wasting time in your head” – the song’s hook that makes it so catchy, fun, and easy to listen to. She has an uplifting message, but uses a harsh, direct tone to encourage others to look past the hard times. Although this single isn’t as polarizing as her previous work (and is quite tame compared to her 2019 album), her bold, spunky personality always has a way of coming out through her lyrics.

Written by Autumn Martin

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