HANDLEBARS /// Georgia Winter

Georgia Winter is a dark pop artist from London who is making creative genre fusing tunes that are going to make you feel something. Her new track, ‘HANDLEBARS’ is a summer banger that’s a throwback to trip-hop and dark pop. With the help of soul songwriter Luchi, the two deliver a head bobbing, gritty number.

The song begins with a piano playing rhythmically as a filtered drumbeat accompanies it. There’s already a dusty, slight lo-fi texture to the mix that makes it feel like it’s from the crates. The lead vocals spatially take up the sound spectrum and are right in your face in the best way while floating through reverb and subtle effects. The timbre of Luchi’s voice is reminiscent of 90s, 2000s soul/trip-hop vocalists that you might have heard on Massive Attack tunes. Looped guitar licks and a deep 808 bass that really hits in the hook paint the record with many different colors. Even the post-chorus has a cool vocal chop arrangement that is more modern electronically influenced. 

For a mostly looped musical idea, the dynamics of the song are still really impressive. The last pre-chorus is the most produced section vocally and does a great job in arriving at the hook one last time with a bang. The songwriting, production, and performances are all very solid and it’s nice to hear music that isn’t trying to follow modern trends and formulas. The blending of different genre influences is palpable but each influence is treated with respect, lending authenticity to ‘HANDLEBARS’.

Georgia Winter is definitely an artist to look out for if you’re a fan of alternative/dark pop that has left field writing with awesome trip-hop vibes. We look forward to hearing more from the British artist.

Written by Jon Kagan






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