Without You /// Betty Reed

Last month the singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN, Betty Reed, released a hard-driving, pop-rock hit called “Without You”. The track is mostly made up of more mainstream components, like the synthy background, pop melodies, and catchy lyrics, although an edgier sound is created with an electric guitar lead that weaves in and out to really hone in the anthmatic, pop-rock feel I’m sure the artist was going for. 


That spunky guitar line is what begins the song, leading the track’s sound with the essence of rock and roll to further carry its major pop aspects throughout. The crisp guitar sound heard in the verses and before the bridge is truly needed to balance out everything else going on, and for it not to be just a simple pop song.

The catchy chorus is where the song really explains the purpose of this song being written. Betty Reed states that she wrote this song to prove anyone wrong who has ever held her back from following her dreams. She is now living with a “smile on [her] face” and having “better days” (according to the lyrics) without all those people who had ever put her down. This bouncy chorus is so fun and pairs perfectly with the music video that was released shortly after on August 12th and directed by Jeremy Bouchard. The video features Betty performing “Without You” in a club while also showing behind the scenes-like clips of her and friends hanging out – hopefully these are the right ones!    

It is really cool that Betty Reed took a hard subject and turned it into such a joyous song to listen to. “Without You” is quintessential pop-rock. If you happened to miss this release when it came out last month, please check it out!

Written by Autumn Martin

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