BYOB /// Resting B!tch Face

If there were ever a time for punk rock to take its rightful place atop the musical counterculture food chain, it would be today. No matter where you live on this blue marble, it’s likely that your news feed is littered with stories that make you want to jettison yourself into the sun. Unless you foresee yourself seated on a Bezos rocket bound for a prime destination of a Martian colony, you’re stuck in this mess with the rest of us. Instead of dwelling on futility, it’s about time that leaders hear from the governed. “BYOB,” the debut single by pop-punk band Resting B!tch Face, delivers a snarky retort aimed at the collective buffoonery of now former British prime minister Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party’s hand in the infamous “Partygate” scandal.

“BYOB” is about far more than just being gobsmacked by the follies of tone deaf leadership. It’s the proverbial pot boiling over with classic punk rock frustration at what is a microcosm of how out of touch the ruling class is with everyone else. The “cheese and wine” crowd are in the crosshairs of scornful vocals that do not let the silver spoon set off the hook for failing to walk their talk.

In order to make high society clutch their pearls, discretion is not the better part of valor. Resting B!tch Face’s breakneck sound pulls no punches and buzzes with a reverberating angst that blares out its displeasure. Unshakably overt in its attitude, “BYOB” is the quintessential punk rock middle finger.      

Written by Travis Boyer




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