Forget About Me /// THE UNCRTN

The familiar is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you can be content with the same old, same old. On the other hand, the longer it lingers, the more it defines you. Instead of being pummeled by the tempest of routine, NYC-based, alt pop band The UNCRTN ventures to escape the rising tides of complacency on their latest single, “Forget About Me.” A dream pop meets alt/emo rock tune, “Forget About Me” is a sharply direct, yet optimistic song about bettering yourself upon reaching your breaking point.

At the start, “Forget About Me” begins harmlessly enough with the light fare of dream pop accents as your introduction. However, you will soon find that layer of comfort is a ruse on the way to the edgier hooks that dig their way in. It expresses the sense of urgency that exists when wanting to get out from under a situation that threatens to drag you under. It’s now or never for changing your stars and damn the torpedoes to anyone who gets in your way. 

Lead singer Sonia Rose is the messenger charged with delivering the bad news to the hangers on that she is walking away from their scene. The chorus of “forget about me” is a two-sided barb. While it is a goodbye, it’s also a newfound mantra that you, above all else, define who you are. Vocally, Rose is exceptionally confident when standing her ground and lets on a vulnerable lilt when the “weight” gets too much to carry. Altogether, it captures the ups and downs of standing on your own two feet against what wants to knock you right back down

“Forget About Me” is a sharp witted, pop rock song about empowerment. Concurrently defiant and unguarded, The UNCRTN strike the right chords of resistance and weariness that comes with breaking away from the herd.

Written by Travis Boyer





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