Cola Bay, an alternative rock band from Manchester, UK, recently released a fantastic EP in June titled Habits. If you are not familiar with the music of Cola Bay, this five track release will be adored by those who are fans of the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and even indie band The Strokes. Their sound is very reminiscent of classic rock styles, but with a grungy edge and an energetic flare.

They released their first single “Vice” early this year in February; it was the perfect track to introduce the band and get a taste of their sound, as well as a way to open their EP. This song is rhythm driven, and just so catchy and fun. Another captivating aspect of Cola Bay’s is their catchy hooks that pull you into the song, like the chant in “Arsonist” singing “can’t stop the warrior”, which can be envisioned so easily as an amazing crowd cheering and sing-along moment during live performances. 

Along with those catchy hooks and bouncy rhythms, sinister lyrics and vivacious, forceful  guitar are heard as the EP transitions into the next few heavier songs. Then to round out the album, it ends with a song called “Come Home” which is the heart of this EP and an absolute banger to end on.

Not only does Cola Bay’s first EP have quintessential alt rock vibes, it is extremely fun and easy listening. The band has stated they hope this small collection of songs “packs a punch and gets you dancing,” which was absolutely accomplished on “Habits.”

Written by Autumn Martin





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