Glad To Exist /// Monroe Moon

As long as we have been capable of conscious thought, the human race has wondered what to do with such a finite existence. We could be here with the singular focus on ourselves. Or we could be here to happily serve others. However, in reality, service can follow either a noble or subjugated path. Indie pop duo Monroe Moon’s latest single, “Glad To Exist,” is a deep thinking, meditative cut about being the master of your own earthly destiny and to share your light with others.

As we have witnessed in recent releases, Monroe Moon has a knack for spotlighting massive, existential issues. Whether it’s the plight of endless war or the media running roughshod over us, the duo does not shy from the heavy side of life. However, “Glad To Exist” kicks it up a notch with the ever abstract concept of self. Backed by a hypnotic, shimmering pop rock melody, this song uncoils an introspective loop that will come in handy in deciphering its meaning. Also, each stinging guitar riff brings realism to the enveloping dream state.

At first, while listening to lead singer Bunny Monroe, you’re regaled with a “humble servant” showing fealty towards whom they serve: “You exist for me. I exist for you.” It’s a feudal theme of it’s your pleasure to serve your self-absorbed master. However, the message shifts towards seeing endless possibilities beyond your current station. In the end, this one-sided idea of existence shifts the power into your own hands with the motto of “you exist for you.” 

Altogether, “Glad To Exist” is a thoughtful piece on taking back your power from others that seek it for their own. You can share it with those in need, but don’t let it go without a fight. Again, Monroe Moon packages the insightful with a delightful sound to complete their mission of critical thinking pop.   

Written by Travis Boyer




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