Golden Days /// Sam Himself

The beauty of creativity is that its inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere. In addition, it can strike at any time, even when you’re not looking for it. For Swiss-born, Brooklyn-based indie rocker Sam Himself, it was a “strict Country music diet” while on the road that led to composing his latest single, “Golden Days.” A soft crooning style anchors this warm, synth laden tune that embarks on new, tranquil balladeer ground.

Beyond tapping into the essence of country-western, “Golden Days” is also unique for being Sam Himself first collaborative, songwriting effort. Joining forces with bass player JD Werner, the duo have crafted a mellow and feathery light sound that deftly sways its way into your eardrums. In addition, Sam Himself captivates with his whispery vocals that, befitting of its genre of inspiration, have a hint of drawl to them. Everything about this track sounds painstakingly cared for right down to the detail. 

While “Golden Days” sounds inviting, it’s actually about drifting apart from someone you once held dear to you. When you listen closer to Sam Himself’s drawn out vocalizations, you can hear the post-exasperation notes in his voice. The love is gone, but the pain is not super fresh. Still, there’s a longing for an answer to how they lost the spark that lit up their “golden days.”

While Sam Himself admittedly aims for the “cringe” factor with its associated music video, “Golden Days” is anything but repulsive. It’s an appealing track that succeeds in its efforts to beguile you with a tender melody and balmy vocals. Proving that there are no bounds to creativity, Sam Himself and Werner tapped into the essence of a genre divergent from their own and made it uniquely their own.    

Written by Travis Boyer





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