Another Chance To Fly /// Alisa McCance

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Ryan

Alisa McCance, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, released her latest track titled “Another Chance To Fly” on September 16th. This melodious tune follows the footsteps of her previous single titled “Crossing Rivers.”

“Another Chance To Fly” was able to have such a smooth introduction with an accompaniment that was rich and compelling. With warm vocals from Alisa herself, the guitar and any other instrument involved in this powerful track have been able to pave the way for what this beautiful piece has to offer. As the track continues to progress, McCance’s intended audience is able to get a closer look into what this piece is able to share.

Speaking of “Another Chance To Fly,” Alisa shares that she wrote this track with Robert K. Wolf, a friend of hers, as well as being a songwriter himself, while she was nursing her first daughter. She also states that this single is all “about having hope for tomorrow, my story of living life after depression.”

If you’re looking for a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist who is all about having a lot of hope and never giving up, Alisa McCance is your go-to artist. “Another Chance To Fly” seems like a real promise as she is able to pour her heart and soul into this beautifully sung piece that is able to share a story about finding that hope and being able to carry it everywhere you go. No matter where you are, hope will always find its way back and that is what this track entails.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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