Love Me Not Him /// HOLMES

HOLMES, a Guildford-based artist, released his latest track titled “Love Me Not Him” on September 16th. This melodic tune has been able to follow the footsteps of his previous single titled “Never Learning.”

“Love Me Not Him” was able to have such a compelling introduction with an accompaniment that is powerful, rich, and atmospheric. With expressive vocals from HOLMES himself, the instruments that were involved in this super catchy track were able to compliment the single and pave the way for what this piece is able to offer and entail for all audiences around the world. As the track continues to progress, HOLMES’ intended audience is able to get a glimpse into a love story that seems to be falling apart. 

Speaking of “Love Me Not Him,” it has been shared that this single is based “around the protagonist aiming to convince someone to change their mind about their affixation to someone else.” This also discusses “a failed love on one side and a hopeful love on the other and the interconnection between them.”

If you’re looking for an artist whose lyrics are on a relatable level, HOLMES is definitely your go-to artist. “Love Me Not Him” seems like a real promise as he has been able to provide lyrics that tend to speak to the audience in a way that shares a tale of love that seems to be not going so well and is not in the greatest place of all time when it comes down to hope and trying to make things work.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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