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“Detonator” is the new single by alternative band Sonic Fruit. The track features a strong rhythm guitar performance, with elusive synthesizer chords and vocal melodies. The drum part is mesmerizing as well. Grant Taylor provides the vocals, guitar, electronics and bass for the band; while Simon Mackenzie provides the drums, electronics and guitar. 

This alternative rock song has catchy melodies, with the production of the track standing out as well. The duo are from Scotland, and they created Sonic Fruit during the uncertainty of the covid pandemic. They previously released music under the name After Youth, as recently as 2021. This new project, Sonic Fruit, inserts more electronic musical aspects into their style, while keeping live drums, guitars and vocals. 

The lyrics to “Detonator” illuminate the desire and obsessiveness that come with wanting someone romantically. In their press release they explain briefly what the song is about, “Detonator is an upbeat funky tune with a dark message about desire and fixation,” they said. 

Their main influences include, “a wide range of music from ‘80s alternative and indie to classical soul, ‘60s rock and electronic music,” they said. This style is evident from “Detonator,” the ‘80s influence can be heard as well as felt. 

Grant Taylor added this about the group, “Sonic Fruit is a way for us to explore all the music we love without setting limits or boundaries on what we can or can’t do. We try

all ideas and see where it takes us, as long as it has groove!” he said. Taylor and Mackenzie met at a bike shop, and found their common passion for music and skateboarding.

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