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KAT – a singer-songwriter based in London – released her latest track titled “Liar Liar” on September 30th. This soulful pop piece with a rock-like edge was able to follow the footsteps of her previous single called “Creeping Around.”

“Liar Liar” was able to have a rich introduction with an accompaniment that is powerful and atmospheric. With strong vocals from KAT herself, the sounds of the instruments being used in this piece made the track come to life as it was able to pave the way for what this single has been able to provide for the audience, as well as to those who are listening for the very first time. As the track continued to progress, KAT’s intended audience was given the opportunity to see how creative this track is and what is about to be shared before them.

Speaking of “Liar Liar,” it has been shared that KAT had blended “different elements from a range of genres with dark soulful vocals expressing raw emotions.”

If you’re willing to look for a talented singer-songwriter that is able to provide the art of storytelling from their lens or point of view, then KAT is your go-to artist. “Liar Liar” seems like a real promise as KAT was able to bring forth the ability to express raw emotion and how that emotion can be used to describe a tale that is worth telling through the eyes of personal experiences that can, in so many ways, come to life that others can relate to.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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