Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Freitas

Crystal Rose – an artist based in Brooklyn – released her latest track called “Break” on October 7th. This piece has been able to follow the footsteps of a single that she had previously released titled “Thought I’d Say.”

“Break” was able to have such a smooth introduction with an accompaniment that is balanced and varied. With warm vocals from Crystal herself, the sounds from any instruments that make this piece come to life had the opportunity to pave the way for what is about to come with this track and the story that it is able to tell. As the track continues to progress, Crystal’s intended audience got a glance into how compelling this single is and what is able to unfold right in front of them.

Having to have grown up in San Diego, Crystal has been able to learn “the ropes of performing through singing in cover bands from age 13, and the spiritual aspects of music through her mom’s musical culture in the Philippines.” 

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to provide heartfelt tinges when it comes to sharing tracks, as well as bringing forth emotional immediacy to their work, Crystal is your go-to singer. “Break” seems like a real promise as Crystal seems to be sharing tunes that are able to make her intended audience get a sense of what her music is all about and how she is able to use her music to provide comfort and stories through lyrics that are deep and meaningful.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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