Future Plaza EP /// The Loud Bangs

Los Angeles, California band The Loud Bangs released their EP Future Plaza early this month. The Loud Bangs have only been around since 2021, but are known for their take on the shoegaze/dream pop sound and wanting to do something new with those two sub-genres of electronic music. Even with only making music as a group for a short amount of time, The Loud Bangs prove to be a busy, ambitious bunch with an already good-sized discography. In fact, Future Plaza is their fifth five song EP this year. 

Future Plaza is not too much different than any of the band’s previous releases in the sense they don’t depart with their typical shoegaze sound and heavy production. Each song is an immersive experience of deep listening through every layer to figure out what each indistinguishable piece is from what instrument, or even an instrument at all. That is because every song is its own complex entity of production. There’s of course the staples of shoegaze heard throughout the EP: ambient noise, distortion, snippets of recordings, synth beats, twinkles and beeps, but what The Loud Bangs do on their own is diversify the genre. There’s contrasting thick, heavy guitars and mellow melodies, and everything in between all on one EP.   
Although genres of music that are electronic based with no lyrics if any voices at all, or just instrumental are understandably not for a lot of people, this take on the shoegaze sound should be of great interest to those who are into production matters. Songs without lyrics still convey emotions. These songs all tell a story through sound, and provide introspection. An important part of the shoegaze/dream pop sub-genre are the ethereal vibes that are created through music, and not the lyrics which is what The Loud Bangs achieve with Future Plaza.

Written by Autumn Martin





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