Heartless /// Joshua Lloyd

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Joshua Lloyd, a singer/songwriter based in London, released his latest track titled “Heartless” on October 7th. This upbeat tune was able to follow the footsteps of Joshua’s EP called “Sick When I Wake Up.”

“Heartless” was able to give off pop-punk vibes, having a compelling introduction with an accompaniment that is rich and powerful. With expressive vocals from Joshua himself, the instruments that were able to provide that rich and powerful accompaniment were able to pave the way for what this track had to share for anyone wanting to give this single a listen. As the track continued to progress, Joshua’s audience was given the opportunity to see how balanced this track is, as well as the true meaning behind the track itself. 

When asked who his main influences were, Joshua states that his influences were artists and/or bands in the pop-punk music genre such as Blink-182 and Modsun.

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to share a story through lyrics that are meaningful and deep, then Joshua Lloyd is your go-to singer/songwriter. “Heartless” seems like a real promise as Joshua is able to share tunes that are able to make his intended audience feel as if they’re getting a sense of what his music has to offer to the world, as well as providing words that they can relate to when it comes to a situation that they might have gone through in the past, in the present, or even in the future.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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