Buddy Hollywood (featuring Dubxilla) /// Chris Hudgins

Photo Courtesy of Connor Voight

Chris Hudgins, a recording artist and singer-songwriter based in Texas, released his latest track titled “Buddy Hollywood” on October 1st. The excellent tune that Chris has been able to release to the public for all to hear featured a good friend of his by the name of Nathan Rogers, also known as Dubxilla.

“Buddy Hollywood” was able to have such a melodic introduction that is rhythmic and compelling. With warm, soulful, and impressive vocals from Chris and Dubxilla themselves, the sounds of the guitar, drums, and other instruments involved made this track smooth and atmospheric in so many ways. As the track continued to progress throughout, Chris’ intended audience, as well as Dubxilla’s, get a glimpse into how creative this single can be for those who listen to it.

Speaking of “Buddy Hollywood,” Chris said that he and Dubxilla wrote this track to “our town and as a homage to all hometowns!”

If you’re looking for a singer who can provide songs full of creativity, then Chris Hudgins is your go-to singer. “Buddy Hollywood” seems like a real promise as both Chris and Dubxilla are able to provide such a special honor to not just their hometown, but to all hometowns around the world that have made an impact on each and every resident of all ages, no matter where they are or where they might be. 

Be sure to listen to Chris’ self-titled album, which will be coming out in less than a couple of weeks from now on November 1st.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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