Just To See Me Fall /// Ari Raine

Ari Raine is an up-and-coming pop star and singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Her debut EP was just released on October 21st titled “Just To See Me Fall”. Raine’s take on pop music is to blend aspects of early 2000’s RnB, hip hop, and mainstream pop into a sound that is uniquely her own. You may have heard the previously released single (released in May 2022) “Gaslight” that is also featured on the album presenting that exact sound. The 2000’s vibes are so apparent with that first single, as well as the rest of the release, it will make you think of all the music you listened to a couple decades ago. 

Once Ari Raine graduated college, she started writing and recording music about the new kind of adulthood that happens when a young adult is on their own for the first time. She gets personal, yet relatable, with this five track EP, and explains her experiences of what life after college was for her. “Just To See Me Fall” showcases the evolution of becoming an adult and being pushed into the world after graduating from school. 

This EP is both stunning and catchy, starting with songs that are upbeat and dancy transitioning into ballads by the final three songs. The EP’s title track “Just To See Me Fall” is by far the best song on this short album. This song is beautifully produced, and has the most mature and poignant lyrics of the entire release. 

Ari Raine definitely has the talent and songwriting skills to be a mainstream pop artist who could bring a nostalgic pop sound to listeners.

Written by Autumn Martin




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