Second Best /// Jewelia

Photo Courtesy of Andy Denyer

Jewelia, a singer-songwriter based in London, released her latest track called “Second Best” on October 21st. This fantastic tune has been able to follow the footsteps of a single that she was able to release last year titled “Fields of Gold.”

“Second Best” was able to have a compelling introduction with an accompaniment that is smooth and atmospheric. With warm and impressive vocals from Jewelia herself, the sounds of any instruments provided in the track were able to pave the way for what is bound to come. As the track continues to progress, Jewelia’s intended audience is able to get a glimpse of what this single has to offer, especially those who are listening to this track for the very first time when searching for someone new to listen to music-wise.

Speaking of “Second Best,” it has been said that this track “is about feeling inadequate in a society that celebrates the idea of the ‘American Dream’ and going from rags to riches, while collectively pitying the masses living average lives.”

If you’re looking for a singer-songwriter that is able to bring forth heartwarming lyrics, and, of course, find a person who is able to bring forth tracks that are meaningful in many ways, then Jewelia is your go-to artist. “Second Best” seems like a real promise as she is able to share a story through words that are rather meaningful and inspiring, as well as being able to share words that many people can understand and, of course, relate to.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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