Paint A Picture EP /// Nocturnal Animals

The beauty of punk rock is, even though it splinters into sub-genres, it still retains a semblance of edginess, no matter how slight. Whether it is unapologetically hardcore or humbly pop, they all have their own seeds of discord to sow. Australian punk rockers Nocturnal Animals unleash their own blend of straight up punk aggression on their debut EP, “Paint A Picture.” Led by unrelenting drum work and dark guitars, this six song, ‘No more, Mr. Nice Guy,” collection gives no quarter to anyone.  

At first, we are treated to a slow burning, yet edgy jam in the form of “All My Cares.” Set up on the precipice of being fully engulfed with rage, this opening track stays bottled up, but is unmistakably volatile. “King Of Dolphins” transfers this pent up aggression into an excellent, striking drum beat. As this EP progresses, lively drums become Nocturnal Animals’ calling card. This is none more apparent on “A Simple F**k You,” which is the peak of not giving a flying, you know what. Quite simply, it wishes nothing but ill will for whomever crosses them. 

However, the concluding trio bring variety to the table. “Tyler’s Song” is a roller coaster of easy going, indie rock inspired cool, but swiftly nosedives into heavy punk aggression. “Passive Tone” plays out much like its title suggests, initially providing an acoustic breather. But, it is a game of bait and switch because you end up being hit upside the head with those familiar drums and ragged guitars. Finally, “Picturesque” provides a serene vibe of synth that transitions into a soaring guitar section, completing an explosive finale that is, ironically, about taking in quiet moments. 

Altogether, “Paint A Picture” is the quintessential type of punk that airs its grievances loud and clear and for all to hear. Nocturnal Animals have delivered a stirring debut that is full of punk rock sneer that pummels you with its unbridled antagonism.

Written by Travis Boyer





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