Lost In You /// Alex Kate

Photo Courtesy of Freddie Reed

Alex Kate, a Norwich-based singer-songwriter, released her track called “Lost In You” on September 23rd. This fantastic tune follows the footsteps of her previous single titled “Don’t Hold Back.”

“Lost In You” was able to have such a smooth introduction with an accompaniment that is atmospheric. With warm and clear vocals from Alex herself, the sounds of any instruments provided in the track were able to pave the way for what is bound to come. As the track continues to progress throughout, Alex’s intended audience is able to get a glimpse of what this single is able to share, especially those who are wanting to explore new music. 

Speaking of “Lost In You,” it was shared that Alex had written this track from beginning to end after watching a program on television. This made her run upstairs to her bedroom to quickly record it. It was also stated that Alex had sat on this song for a while as she was not sure about what the track needed to sound like right at that moment.

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to write songs that could make audiences enjoy the sounds of music flowing from one ear to another, then Alex Kate is your go-to singer-songwriter. “Lost In You” seems like a real promise as she is able to share a sound that all listeners are going to be able to enjoy, especially if they are a listener that happened to come across her music for the first time.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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