Close To The End /// The Starkillers

On the surface, it would be easy to mistake “Close To The End,” the new single by indie rock band The Starkillers, as another poppy, break-up song. However, given the Utah-based band’s futuristic persona, a cold, dystopian undercurrent slyly slips its way in and adds new life into a well-trodden musical trope. Under the guise of a streamlined, neatly composed indie pop-rock sound, “Close To The End” plays up the familiar, relationship ending angle with bleaker notes attached. 

According to the band itself, The Starkillers have returned from “the future to bring epic music to masses” while performing in “cyber-tech” garb. Given their stylistic choice, it is not hard to envision “Close To The End” finding its origins in a society where the lines between humanity and technology are forever blurred. Frankly, we are on the precipice of this becoming our own reality, but this song projects forth a cybernetic era in which futuristic denizens have been circuitally merged with machines, physically and mentally. Meanwhile, “Close To The End” does give a nod to the quintessential rogue gangs of misfits or “renegades” that are associated with a world on the brink of collapse. Given this particular style choice, it only plants the seed for a larger, more complex mindscape to explore as you listen along.

“Close To The End” is subtle in how it portrays itself as a break-up song. Indeed, it can be viewed as one of those songs where it’s all over but the crying. However, it catches up with the departed partner, who wants a second chance, but is running with a rough crowd of aforementioned “renegades.” Instead of letting a slamming door provide finality, this song renders a vicious reprisal. Altogether, it is anything but your typical break-up song, affording The Starkillers creative license to craft the setting to their own, unique liking. 

Written by Travis Boyer




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