Find It /// Axe & The Ivory

Imagine that one of your most cherished items has seen better days. In spite of its raggedy appearance, you can’t bear to throw it out because of its overwhelming sentimental value. Instead, you hold on to it and watch as it slowly sheds bits and pieces from what you once loved. Therein lies the crux of the matter for Australian alt-folk band Axe & The Ivory’s latest single, “Find It,” a dark anthem for wanting to let go of someone, but finding that to be easier said than done. 

“Find It” grapples with whether or not a relationship that’s perpetually on the rocks is worth fighting for. As reflected in its solemn, piano-led melody, this track embraces the gravity of circumstance and is brought full circle by singer Rosie Roberts’ grand vocals. There’s an audible struggle over whether to push someone away or afford them another chance to prove their worth. It’s that rock and a hard place theme that makes “Find It” a compelling, relatable listen. 

“Find It” searches within itself for one final, good reason to stay and fight, but comes up empty. There’s an ultimatum of either “we can change” or “watch the flames burn out,” but, collectively, it is a tale of waiting for your better angels to intervene instead of giving in to the devil you know. It is a delicate dance between knowing what’s best for you versus trying in vain to fix what appears irrevocably broken. 

Axe & The Ivory accomplishes a great deal of catharsis with “Find It.” It is the dawning of knowing how, maybe, it wasn’t love after all. But, now the blinders have been removed and everything is clear for the first time. “Find It” discovers that attachment is seldom permanent and change is always on the table.     

Written by Travis Boyer





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