Truth Be Told /// Cam Cole

In unexpected ways, life can imitate art and vice versa. For singer-songwriter Cam Cole, this concept has come full circle. From his early days of busking on the streets of London to a guest appearance on the critically acclaimed comedy, Ted Lasso, Cole has remained true to his artistic self across multiple mediums. On his new single, “Truth Be Told,” he projects himself onto a delta blues-inspired grunge sound that remains faithful to a musician’s hard scrabble roots.

“Truth Be Told” and Cole’s appearance as a street musician on Ted Lasso are intertwined through the song’s origin story. Originally written around a decade ago while he was playing guitar on the streets of London, “Truth Be Told” is the product of years of fine tuning: lyrics, guitar, production, etc. However, at its core, it does not lose touch with its gritty beginnings on a street corner. On screen, Cole is plucked off the street by Ted Lasso to perform for the affluent audience at a charity event and erases the wine and cheese crowd’s skepticism through his natural talent. Altogether, staying true to yourself is what solidifies Cole’s appeal—in reality and in fiction. 

On the track itself, “Truth Be Told” greets us with a down right, if not slightly bit understated, bluesy intro. However, it does not remain under the radar for long, exploding into a full on, grungier guitar. Coupled with a squawking filter screeching Cole’s vocals through a grainy filter, it’s an all-around, hardy experience of grungy, blues rock. 

Artificial has no place on Cole’s “Truth Be Told.” Everything about this track screams, literally, authenticity. In a world that encourages us to sand down our rough edges with the swipe of a filter, Cole presents his unvarnished self for the whole world to hear.   

Written by Travis Boyer





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