Artist Interview: “High of You” Hetty Clark

Q: You describe songwriting as having an alchemy to it, what does this mean? What inspires you most to write?

CLARK: What I mean by alchemy is that any creative process, whatever the medium, is about spinning something intangible into something tangible. This can be a little bit magical but probably a lot more of it is hard graft. We are all infinitely creative, and it’s how you go about capturing what you experience around you.

I am inspired by nature, but I am also drawn to city life and to the chaotic energy that comes with it. I am inspired a lot by other songwriters, such as Tracy Thorn, Imogen Heap and James Blake, and also by film makers such as Joanna Hogg and Lynne Ramsay.

Q: After working with numerous producers from all over the world, is there a specific quality you look for in someone to help compose your music?

CLARK: That’s a great question! I think there has to be some kind of musical chemistry for a collaboration to take off. I am not sure I look for a specific quality, as no one works in exactly the same way and you have to find a groove with someone. Saying that, like any partnership I think collaborations work well when there is good communication and honest feedback. I love to learn from others and so enjoy working with different musicians and musical styles. A quality I do look for in a producer is someone who has an ear for interesting vocal harmonics, and also someone who enjoys writing beats.

Q: Your soulful vocals are transcendent and blend flawlessly into your electro pop sound. What about this genre captivates you?

CLARK: Thank you so much! I love listening to lots of different genres of music, electronic, indie, house, gospel, but I do tend to come back to electronic pop, or alternative pop. I really love slightly stripped back electro pop, and I admire writers who can convey a story in an accessible, yet striking way.

Q: Are you working on anything outside of singing and songwriting?

CLARK: I write copy for various organizations and I am in the process of returning to work as a child psychotherapist. Since living in the US I was not able to practice but after Covid there has been such a huge rise in mental health issues in young people that I felt strongly I wanted to get back into working in this field. I am a Mum and have two lively boys, so they naturally keep me busy too.

Q: How are you able to manage your time and stay creative?

CLARK: I think it’s an ongoing process. It can be hard to be really disciplined about creativity, but until you start to doodle you never know where the sketch of an idea may lead you.

Interviewed by Molly Byrne





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