10 Milligrams /// Eli Landon

“10 Milligrams” is a new single by Atlanta Hip-Hop artist Eli Ladon. The production features a balanced drum pattern with an 808 featured, as well as laidback melodies from synthesizers and from Ladon’s singing/rapping delivery. His lyrics don’t hold back either. It was released on November 2, 2022. 

After growing up in Inglewood, California, his family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. It was during these transitional years, after relocating a second time that he worked to form all his influences into one. In the press kit submitted by Eli Ladon, he explains some of his artistic approach. “His lyrics stem from a vivid painful upbringing and imagination. He aims directly for the heart in all of his tracks. ‘Making art out of trauma is what GOATS do,’” he said. 

He lays out the good and the bad of his circumstances, in a fresh creative way. He lets the work speak for itself, rather than trying to use some gimmick to find new fans. His verses touch on the pain he has overcome. Most of his rhymes focus on his mental health and the obstacles that are in his way. “I still gonna win, I still gotta win,” he raps. 

He acknowledges that some may be off put by his message, but he doesn’t let that phase him. “He refuses to compromise his integrity for popularity. Some may take his message as insulting or too straightforward. But his no-filter personality is sure to win the hearts of all who listens,” he said in a press release. He sticks to his creative process and doesn’t let the industry decide what his sound will be next. 

His music is original, and offers honesty in a level that is commendable. He has released four albums on Spotify throughout the years, with his debut coming in 2012.

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